To a mom whom mother's milk is not given to & lacking


To a mom troubled with mother's milk !


There seem to be unexpectedly many moms who are troubled when mother's milk does not flow or mother's milk is short. I was such one, too.

For a pretty baby


There are a lot of merits of the mother's milk.


For example :
merit1 It is easy to digest and absorb a baby, and few burdens to stomach and the bowels of the baby,
merit2 Protects a baby from a disease with an antibacterial anti-inflammatory material, an immune material,
merit3 Enhances the development of brain and the chin which are hard to become allergic,
merit4 Ingredient changes depends on child growth, and carry out physical contact and is hard to suffer from SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).


In addition, mom has various merits :
merit5 Hastens the recovery of the uterus of the mother's body,
merit6 Diet effect in after giving birth,
merit7 Hard to suffer from breast cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer.


Due to the many merits of the mother's milk, it is natural that many moms want to breast-feed a baby, if possible completely.


To be freed from a trouble of the lack of mother's milk !


According to a certain statistics, it is said that approx.90% of the Japanese mom want to grow in children with mother's milk.


prrety baby

But there is individual difference in a human body, so some mom whom a lot of mother's milk leaves, but whom not given to conversely.


Mom worry if a baby does not grow up into health, suffers from malnutrition, becomes easy to get sick because mother's milk was not given enough.


Even if a mom gives mother's milk to the baby who bursts into tears immediately because mother's milk may be not enough.


If a thick state to say continues, a mom may suffer from mother's milk neurosis.


In this site, I who was troubled with quantity of the mother's milk, tell you about a hint, advice for mother's milk comes in to a mam troubled with it.


Also recommended goods introduce that mother's milk comes to flow. The mom troubled with lack of mother's milk, please refer to it.


If you are freed from a trouble of the lack of the mother's milk, in reference to the information of this site, I am grateful.


About information introducing in this site


Information that mother's milk comes to be over

This site includes following information :

Cause mother's milk is not over : Two & Biggest Causes

Two causes / Biggest cause is mama's heart

Preparations to take out mother's milk : First Preparations

Preparations for mama's heart / Baby cry at night / Let baby suck breast / Suck breast even if not flow / Ten times of one day at least

Measures to produce mother's milk well : Next Measures

Drink water well / Constipation & lack of sleep dissolves / Cooperation of husband & family

Meal and massage : Further Recommended Measures

Meal / Breast & nipple massage / Oketani-style mother's milk massage / Milk duct traffic opening massage

Recommended goods : Recommended Herb Tea

Herb tea for moms in lactation period / The reason why herb tea works for / Dandelion tea & coffee / Water for baby & mom

About herb tea : Various Merits of Herb Tea

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